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Jumping at New Opportunities Thanks to a Fiber & WiFi Backbone

“What we did is a JumpStart Challenge. We gave people six weeks to figure out a new business and then we did a sponsorship and a little competition,” explains Allo Communications‘ Brad Moline. Moline, president & CEO of Allo, is describing the contest that solicited community input for how to utilize their gigabit fiber and […]

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A Digital Talent Multiplier #CES2020

Will the power of digital change the world of video creation yet again? Hour One with its Character OS could disrupt the world of short video creation. Focusing on business applications, Hour One promises businesses hassle-free video creation. Hour One uses real-life actors, which they supply or the business can bring, as the basis for […]

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Virtual Museum Display in a Box and More #AWE2019

A zoo without a live animal, a high school lab that allows students to explore a beating human heart, or a realistic rendering of an architect’s design are just a few of the potential use-cases for the Looking Glass Pro, holographic display. Looking Glass Factory Co-Founder and CTO, Alex Hornstein, describes this unit as “a […]

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The Story in Our Eyes – Eye-Tracking Tech #CES2018

If the eyes are the portal to the soul, then the Swedish company, Tobii may be the electronic way to enter that portal. At CES2018, Tobii demonstrated their eye-tracking technology integrated into gaming laptops, as well as a virtual reality headset. And the results are amazing, as demonstrated in their virtual reality headset. Their virtual […]

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The Desktop Hologram Monitor #AWE18

A video hologram was the eye-catching display and product of Looking Glass at the Augmented World Expo. Starting at $499, this HDMI connected device, allows artists, designers, teachers and marketers represent their works and offerings in three-dimensions. With an SDK that has interfaces to Unity, SketchUp and more, it is possible to take 2D and […]

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The Invisible, Magic Hand

Using a single low-cost camera to detect 26 skeletal points and mimic hand gestures in real-time is the trick that uSens has seemingly mastered. Using a relatively lightweight, deep learning algorithm, their software runs on android smartphones and only requires a single core of processing power and no external calls to a cloud compute engine. […]

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3D Eyes with a 360 Degree View #CES2017

A 360 degree, 3D (8 cameras), 4k per camera resolution, with 8 stereo audio pairs are the vital specifications for the Vuze from Humaneyes Technologies. Controlled by a smart phone, this $799 device offers a relatively low-cost way of capturing immersive content, ideal for virtual reality headset displays. The accompanying editing software stitches together the separate […]

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Virtual Design Prototyping & Review

Many years ago an engineer brought a product to a young technician to test. While it had the perfect layout for a radio frequency circuit, it was impossible to install in a rack because of a poorly located connector. Perhaps if the ESI Group’s virtual reality simulation tools had been available, this connector location faux […]

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The Internet of Thinking Things

Nvidia’s president and CEO, Jensen Huang, wowed the crowd at this week’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) with technology advancements and ecosystems that will have an impact that ripples through many industries. There were the hardware announcements, such as the DGX-1V, which, according to Huang, provides the equivalent of 400 servers in 3 rack units for […]

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Augmented & Virtual Reality Making Actual Reality More Accurate

Anyone in the construction industry knows the challenges of matching the plans of architects and engineers to “as-built”. The reality doesn’t always match what had been carefully crafted on paper or computer. The resulting mismatch can lead to serious problems, impacting budget and schedule. Bruce Naylor, CTO of Streaming Curiosity, describes how they are adapting […]

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