2012 Viodi Content Awards

Schedule at a Glance

  • 9/10-10/19 – Content Submission Window
  • 10/24-10/26 – TelcoTV
  • 10/28 – Local Content Awards Announcements & Report Highlights (at Calix Users Group)
  • 10/29 to…. Post Awards Promotions

The Pitch

The 2012 Viodi Content Awards will recognize independent communications entities that are creating content at the community level. This is a golden opportunity for any organization involved in the creation of local content to be recognized nationally for the outstanding work they are doing either to connect their community through home-grown content.[1]

The Sizzle – Benefits to Participating

This one-of-a-kind program offers a low-cost and unique marketing and promotional opportunity; the impact which will last long after the awards ceremony. Benefits to participation in include:

  • Joint press releases announcing the nomination and participation of the operator that can be used within the community as a promotional tool.
  • Recognition in the credits in summary videos, website and other materials produced about the Awards

Winners receive

  • An official Viodi Local Content Award logo for use on their website and other publications
  • Customized press release announcing award
  • Recognition in various Viodi publications
  • Highlight videos of the award announcements that can be used for further publicity purposes

Sponsor prizes to be announced

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Eligibility Requirements

Any last mile telecommunications provider that provides broadband service may apply for an award in one or more categories. The provider does not have to be a provider of franchised video services. Depending upon the specific award, the provider does not even have to produce the content themselves, as long as they are enabling the production of the content either through in-kind or financial support of a third-party (e.g. support of schools, local churches, etc. who may be producing the content).

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  • 9/04-10/19 – Content Submission Window (late fees apply for submissions after 10/1)
  • 10/24-10/26 – TelcoTV
  • Local Content Awards Announcements & Report Highlights (at Calix Users Group)
  • 10/29 to…. Post Awards Promotions

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Preliminary Award Categories

Awards will be given in several different categories and award winners will be determined based on different criteria including popularity based on feedback, as well as a panel of judges. In some cases, multiple awards will be provided for the same categories based on company size such as follows:

  • Small company (<6,000 broadband subscribers)
  • Medium company (6,000 to 50,000 broadband subscribers)
  • Large company (>50,000 broadband subscribers)

The categories and associated names are still preliminary and can be found at this link:

Click here for Category Descriptions

Suggestions for other categories, as well as clarifications of definitions are welcomed and encouraged!

In general, 30 second trailers will be required for submission and not an entire program.  We also request a brief write-up explaining the impact of a particular submission on the community (e.g. we saw donations rise 50% after airing a documentary about a local non-profit).

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[1] Details are subject to change without notice.