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Welcome Kids of All Ages to the 3D Universe

Just like the world isn’t flat, neither is space. But how to convey that to humans who can’t see the depth of objects that are millions of miles away? The authors of the new #1 book, Welcome to the Universe in 3D: A Visual Tour, came up with a clever way for humans to see […]

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The Fungible Cell Tower – #CES2022

If a portable cellular tower on wheels is called a COW, then what does one call a drone with a tether for power and communications? Perhaps the answer is Superfly™.  Whatever the acronym, Spooky Action is bringing a new approach to creating ad-hoc communications networks and more. At the heart of Spooky Action’s innovation is […]

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Circular Shower = Less Water and a Better Environment #CES2022

A Kelowna, British Columbia wife and husband team have turned their passion for the environment into a better shower. RainStick’s product focuses on the efficient use of a drop of water. That is, by cleansing and recirculating that drop up to six times, Rainstick Shower indicates there is an 80% reduction in water use and […]

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An Updated Perspective on Public-Private Broadband Partnerships

Public-private broadband partnerships can be a win-win for under and unserved communities and for incumbent providers wishing to extend their service beyond their existing footprint. This is one of the conclusions from the above interview with Dave Fridley of FARR Technologies. This conversation builds on his recent presentation at the MTA’s 2022 Convention and Conference, […]

FTTX Stories from the Heartland

A New Horizon of Midwestern Connectivity via FTTH

With announcements about fiber expansion happening every day, it was refreshing to catch up with a local service provider that has been on the leading edge of technology deployments for decades.  The above interview with Jim Capuano, CEO for Horizon, and Misty Tuttle, General Manager of Business Operations for Horizon, echo the words of retired […]

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CES Download: Sustainability, Health Tech, Mobility & Better Tools – A Viodi View

The above video is Ken Pyle’s presentation to the 02/02/22 IEEE Consumer Technology Society regarding some of the products and companies he saw at CES2022. The presentation is split into four categories, sustainability, health tech, mobility & better tools. Highlights 01:27 – This section pertains to items dealing with sustainability 01:35 – Rainstick and its […]

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Smart Infrastructures, Smart Cities, Smart Homes, and Smarter Health Tech – #CE2022

“What I’ve noticed is that you can have opportunities to have longer conversations and more interesting conversations with people than you might if it were as crowded as it usually is., says Tom Coughlin, President of Coughlin Associates. The above interview was filmed at a much quieter than usual CES, but, as Coughlin points out, […]

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The Foundation of the Connected Home – #CES2022

“It was really important to start off our day talking about really the foundation of the smart home, which is the connectivity layer,” says Jennifer Kent, Vice President, Research, Parks Associates. In the above interview, Kent provides an overview of the panel she moderated which featured a mix of in-home connectivity providers (Airties, Calix, and […]

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A New Way to Sense the World – A ViodiTV Conversation with Barbara Barclay

As the real-world shifts to the metaverse, inexpensive and ubiquitous sensing will become a must-have. Somalytics and its paper carbon nanotube capacitive sensor may be a solution that serves both the real and virtual worlds. Mixing carbon nanotubes with cellulose together with a fracturing process, Somalytics has figured out how to make 1-millimeter thick paper […]

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Fiber: Enabling A Distributed Health Care Model

“Why is it incumbent on families and patients to travel all the way to see us when we can have a more distributed health care model,” asks Yaa Aboagyewa Kumah-Crystal, MD, MPH, MS? This Assistant Professor Department of Biomedical Informatics and Assistant Professor Department of Pediatric Endocrinology at Vanderbilt summarizes the inspiring closing keynote she […]

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