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A New Way to Listen and Interact with the Customer

The ability of the service provider to “own the customer experience” could get a little easier in 2018 with the help of a new gateway from Calix. As explained by Calix’s Chris Bernard, the prototype GigaCenter, demonstrated in the above video at ConneXions 2017, incorporates a microphone and speaker, enabling the service provider to provide […]

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Peer-to-Peer Learning & More at INDATEL’s 10th Annual Symposium

It was fitting that, with the announcement of the impending retirement of one of its co-founders, Max Huffman, INDATEL kicked off its 10th anniversary of its annual symposium with a brief history of an organization that was truly built from a grassroots effort. Another INDATEL co-founder, Scott Hoffmann, explained how INDATEL germinated with a phone call from […]

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Faster Fiber Deployment

Twenty to thirty percent decrease in construction management costs is what Dave Fridley suggests his clients are saving through process improvements implemented the past couple of years (see this interview for further information).  Fridley, who is a partner at FARR Technologies, talks about how they have worked with clients and the RUS to streamline the […]

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Why IP Matters

Reliability is the hallmark of the traditional public switched telephone network. Steve Angerhofer, Partner at FARR Technologies, describes how they are working with NetBoss to help smaller rural carriers maintain a similar reliability with their broadband networks. By actively monitoring networks, Angerhofer explains how smaller carriers can assure compliance with Service Level Agreements, as well as […]

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Local Content, OTT and a Top 10 User Experience

Given the old saying about the weather being a topic of conversation of interest to all people, it stands to reason that micro weather forecasts would be a popular program on a local content channel. In the above interview, Clint Carter, Director | Technology and New Service Introduction for North Central Telephone Cooperative, talks about how […]

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Beyond TV – a Real World Example

“The kids have been super excited about the Disney Jr. and Watch TV Everywhere experience,” according to Clint Carter, Director | Technology and New Service Introduction, of Tennessee broadband service provider North Central Telephone Cooperative. In the above interview, Carter discusses their experience in providing multiscreen video services. Befitting the idea that the younger generation has […]

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Broadband Grants in the Empire State

Peter Rasmusson, cofounder and CEO of FARR Technologies, discusses the broadband grants announced by the New York State Governor Cuomo in his 2015 State of the State address. He points out that these grants represent opportunities for all providers, incumbent or CLEC, to build fiber and/or wireless plant in areas that would otherwise be impossible to […]

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A Cloud Protected from All the Elements

“You can make one phone call and talk to a doer,” says Clint Carter Director | Technology and New Service Introduction of Tennessee broadband service provider North Central Telephone Cooperative. Carter explains what differentiates NCTC from the behemoth data centers and cloud services is accessibility to the NCTC people. The NCTC staff live in the communities […]

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Making the Community Smart and Attractive

One of the bigger challenges for rural communities is creating career opportunities for young people; particularly those who leave for college, as many times never come back to their hometown. Clint Carter, Director | New Technology and Service Introduction for North Central Telephone Cooperative (NCTC), lived this reality as his options when he started his career were away […]

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A Lifeline Video Service

For years distributors of video programming have been squeezed by rising programming costs on one side and consumers’ ability to pay for those ever-increasing costs. Services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime have filled the void for some consumers looking for lower-cost alternatives. In the above interview, Jerry Weber, VP of Network Design of FARR Technologies, discusses […]

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