A Digital Talent Multiplier #CES2020

Will the power of digital change the world of video creation yet again? Hour One with its Character OS could disrupt the world of short video creation. Focusing on business applications, Hour One promises businesses hassle-free video creation.

Hour One uses real-life actors, which they supply or the business can bring, as the basis for synthetic characters. Its self-serve solution creates voice, and motion from a customer-supplied script from its Cloud Video Engine. The Cloud Video Engine exports a video file to websites or apps.

Some of their target verticals include human resources, e-commerce, e-learning, language learning, real estate, and customer support. There are several advantages to a synthetic character, including, lower costs, faster production, multiple language support, and easier revisions.

Aware of the ethical questions surrounding the challenge of identifying “deep fakes”, Hour One’s videos include an unbranded watermark indicating that there are altered visuals. Regardless, with a compelling business case, Hour One’s product is sure to expand the ability for companies to use video more often and for use-cases where they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

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  1. Ken Pyle Avatar
    Ken Pyle

    Another company in this space is Moneybrain

    1. Ken Pyle Avatar
      Ken Pyle

      Some others in this space include and, which, in this YouTube video, demonstrated their service working with Nvidia’s Ominverse Audio2Face App

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