Jumping at New Opportunities Thanks to a Fiber & WiFi Backbone

“What we did is a JumpStart Challenge. We gave people six weeks to figure out a new business and then we did a sponsorship and a little competition,” explains Allo Communications‘ Brad Moline. Moline, president & CEO of Allo, is describing the contest that solicited community input for how to utilize their gigabit fiber and WiFi network to find creative solutions to everyday problems.

The above video features a brief excerpt, describing how a gigabit network enables these new possibilities. As Moline describes, Josh Jones envisions using a combination of sensors, machine learning, and predictive analytics to improve traffic and parking conditions in Lincoln.

This contest, which was co-sponsored in part by the City of Lincoln, the University of Nebraska, and Calix, also included contestants with proposals to use the network for everything from Non-Fungible Tokens for college athletes to remote-controlled lawnmowers for landscapers. Watch the Jump Start contestants pitch their ideas at

See part 1 of this interview with Moline at

This video was made possible by Calix.

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