Virtual Museum Display in a Box and More #AWE2019

A zoo without a live animal, a high school lab that allows students to explore a beating human heart, or a realistic rendering of an architect’s design are just a few of the potential use-cases for the Looking Glass Pro, holographic display. Looking Glass Factory Co-Founder and CTO, Alex Hornstein, describes this unit as “a Looking Glass for business.”

Displaying and manipulating holographic images with an interface anyone can understand, without needing an external PC, separate software, or headset is what Looking Glass Factory accomplishes with its latest display. This 3840×2160 resolution device features 45 each, 3D views at up to 60 frames per second.

The specifications don’t do it justice, as the objects shown in this device look real. It is this realism which makes it effective for applications in architecture, medical visualization, education, and experiential marketing..

In the above interview, Hornstein pulls back the curtain regarding some of the techniques he has developed to simultaneously film 45 views.  The process does require multiple cameras, as shown in the video, and is not for the casual videographer. The views are stored as common 2D images in a format called quilt.

The amazing thing, from a broadband network provider’s perspective, is that the resulting video stream is packaged in an MP4 file format that can be carried on standard streaming services (e.g. YouTube) and require the same amount of bandwidth as a typical 4k stream.

What caught this reporter’s eye was the nesting Bermuda Petrel or “Cahow”. The life-size and life-like representation of this rare (only 135+ living pairs) bird instantly transported one to Nonsuch Island in Bermuda. Hornstein’s enthusiasm for this project, as well as other projects he describes, which captures full-motion, holographic images and makes nature’s wonders accessible to the greater world, is inspiring.

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