Webinars, Whitepapers & Meet-Ups – #WEC2020

Member education will be an increasingly important service for NCTC and leading that effort is Don Simon. WEC2020 was Don’s debut at an NCTC event and, in this brief overview, he outlines some of the approaches NCTC will be taking to educate members about new products and services.

With his diverse and complementary background that includes local ad production for a cable system, a J.D., and extensive work in the arts community, Simon brings a unique set of qualifications to his role. Although his efforts are virtual for now, one has to hope that he will get to bring some of his education efforts to the various NCTC regions, as he mentions in the above interview.

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  1. […] 06:46 – He provides a thumbnail of Don Simon and his education efforts. To learn more about Don, watch this ViodiTV interview with him. […]

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