Behind the Scenes – NCTC Update & Bordering Hope

One of the rewarding things about working with NCTC and its members is learning the backstories of the folks who comprise these organizations. In this week’s ViodiTV Real-Time Conversation, Brian Dowell provides an update on NCTC and we find out that they are busier than ever, helping their members get the products they need to serve their end-customers.

The artwork for Bordering Hope.
The artwork for Bordering Hope.

We then talk to one of NCTC’s newest staff members, Nick Bartelli, who is also the producer and writer of a thought-provoking and emotionally moving documentary on efforts to educate Syrian War child refugees. Bordering Hope makes it crystal clear that education is what separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. The film’s imagery paints a picture of how fragile society is, but the film leaves a message of home with the good work by educators at the border of Syria and Lebanon.

Finally, we end with a sneak peek of The Independent Show. The 2020 version will be virtual and cover multiple days sometime either late in August or early September. There won’t be an exhibition hall, but there will be sponsorship opportunities. As a precursor in July, NCTC will host separate marketing and legal sessions. Even when we can get back together, Lisa Miller, suggests that future events will feature a mix of online and in-person.

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