Persevere with the Grit of Yesterday’s Leaders #WEC20

“Every phase of new technology goes through a curve full of excitement upfront, initial success and, as it grows, it hits speed bumps and don’t let that discourage you,” said Rich Fickle, CEO & President of NCTC. In the above video, Fickle reflects on the grit of the pioneers who built the cable television industry from scratch, literally, having to sometimes design their own equipment to transmit and carry signals to rural areas unserved by broadcast signals.

He implores the industry to continue with that tradition as it introduces new products and services. He points out that NCTC selects partners that are resilient because there will be bumps in the road with anything new. He encourages his members to continue, “keep at it,” despite the challenges associated with innovation.

The industry must not get caught in silos and the panel that Fickle moderated brought together a mix of organizations that, just like the physical networks, are converging on a common service delivery set. It is a reminder that innovation doesn’t just occur around the delivery of technology, but in reimagining, processes to better serve the customer.

An upshot of innovation is the unexpected developments that drive the business to an entirely new level. For example, there is a direct line between the rollout of cable broadband, as the basis for the success of WiFi. Adkey, an NCTC member advertising solution is an example of something that unexpectedly resulted from NCTC’s investigation into an IPTV solution.

Stay tuned for an interview with some of the key players associated with Adkey, as well as additional coverage about WEC2020.

Video Highlights:

01:50 – A glimpse of CableLabs’ latest video showing how technology will impact the workplace

02:22 – Convergence of various industry groups

03:30 – Seamless service over anybody’s network

04:04 – The Adkey approach to help NCTC members get the most out of their ad avails

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