OTT Morphing & Providing More Choice – #TIS18 Highlights – Part 1

Over-the-Top video is morphing into an offering that NCTC members are making available through their platforms, providing consumers more choice and convenience, according to Rich Fickle, NCTC president and CEO. In the above video Fickle offers up highlights from the 2018 Independent Show, TIS18. Echoing many of the TIS18 speakers, he suggests that operators need to put customers at the center of their product offerings and the associated messaging.

That will help operators define what is their business. And, as Fickle points out, the core business for NCTC members is broadband. With that in mind, TIS18 featured ways for operators to use wireless to extend their capabilities and create new opportunities. Fickle believes that, in general, 5G will be a complementary offering, instead of a competitive one for NCTC members.

He emphasizes that online services have raised the bar, in terms of providing a hassle-free, convenient experience to consumers. It is also important for members to demonstrate that they are the technology leaders in their respective communities. And TIS18 led the way with a view of the future from CableLabs.

Along those lines, Fickle provides a brief back story on the captivating lunch keynote speaker, Tan Le. Le and her company, Emotiv, has technology that uses brain wave measurement for therapy and hands-free control of devices and prosthetics; truly the 21st century vision that NCTC members’ broadband networks enable.

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