A Huge Family Reunion – #TIS18

“It’s just a huge family reunion,” is how NCTC Vice President of Operations Brian Jones describes The Independent Show. He and Caprice Caster, NCTC’s Event Planning & Marketing Specialist, reflect on some of the highlights of TIS2018 and some of the speakers, such as cable pioneer John Hendricks and Top Chef Brook Williamson, who enlightened and entertained attendees.

TIS18 was more than education, as, echoing Jones’ comments, it is a family affair that is part of a continuum of events dating back through the decades and moving forward into the future (like next month’s #TIS19). And, as Jones and Caster allude to, the history of this event is reflected in the attendees and their respective career and personal journeys.

TIS 18 coverage is brought to you by The Independent Show and ViodiTV.

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