Switch the Script to You Deserve #TIS18

“Switch the script…so that you are focused on the customer,” implores Dr. Frank Luntz. Luntz, well-known for his astute political commentary and polling, provides sage marketing advice to the operators at the 2018 Independent Show. He stresses that operators focus on the needs of the customers, instead of focusing on their products.

The challenge for the operators is communicating the appropriate message for a given customer. Luntz’s research indicates a radical difference between the Millennial and older generation in terms of how they want to see the message, as well as what the message needs to be. He indicates that Millennials want better work-life balance and better lifestyle, while seniors want no-hassle offerings. He thinks that the community-based NCTC/ACA members have an advantage in understanding and relating to their customers since they are physically closer than larger ISPs.

Luntz gives his educated view regarding the differences in how Millennials see the world and what it means to ISPs as the workforce shifts as well. For instance, according to Luntz’s research, 2/3 of Millennials think that corporate America is harmful to the country. This is consistent with their view that over 50% believe that socialism is a better economic system than capitalism. Luntz says this attitude has never existed.

As with customers, Luntz recommends looking at things from the viewpoint of the Millennial employee and use the corresponding language. For instance, Millennials place more trust in business leaders, as compared to CEOs. He also stresses the importance of corporate social responsibility, which starts with treating employees with respect. This respect translates into actions that help the people and the communities which the ISPs serve; something the TIS18 audience already does well.

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