Bringing People Together to Build Relationships – #TIS Highlights – Part 2

The Independent Show is about bringing people together to build relationships, according to American Cable Association President and CEO, Matt Polka, filmed at last week’s TIS18 in Anaheim. Polka stresses that the family aspects of the conference make it unique and provides a foundation for business relationships that extend beyond the length of the 4-day conference.

He recaps some of the highlights, including Frank Luntz’s talk on how the right language can help ACA members be better customer servants. Polka lauds Luntz for bringing practical advice, like considering themselves as technology companies first and to take an empathetic attitude when helping customers with their issues. He also suggests that it is critical that ACA members play to their strength of being the local provider. The ACA members are the local experts.

And 5G is a great example of where the local providers can help separate fact from fiction, as they understand the lay of their land better than anyone. Although the standards for 5G are still evolving, it looks like it will be another tool in the broadband operators’ toolbox to help serve customers. Depending upon of the specific market and use-case, it could prove to be competitor, a complement or both.

Keeping with importance of relationships that are an inherent part of TIS, Polka introduces the theme for the ACA’s 26th Summit, March 19th-21st, 2019 in Washington, D.C., which is simply #WeConnect.

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