Looking for Leaders – #TIS18

“Our workforce is in transition in a big way,” explains Matthew Dosch, EVP & COO of Comporium. He indicates that they are competing to attract the younger workforce. Echoing the comments from Frank Luntz, a keynote speaker at The 2018 Independent Show, workers in their 20s and 30s are looking for more than direct financial rewards. Employment policies, the workplace environment, and the community factor into a Millennial’s decision to join a given employer.

Community involvement is a strong asset for Comporium and something that has been part of their DNA since its founding. As Dosch points out, Comporium’s roots are in downtown Rock Hill, South Carolina and their efforts, such as their bike share program (see this video for more detail). help keep the core vibrant and attractive for workers of all ages. By being a community and industry leader, Comporium provides authenticity that Frank Luntz’s research indicates Millennials want in an organization; that is, they are looking for leaders, not CEOs.

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