The Hybrid OTT/Local News Channel #TIS18

We have probably all seen them; the short, informative and entertaining gadget videos produced by Cheddar that regularly appear on social media sites. What may not be so well known is that Cheddar also offers two different, live news, channels that broadband providers operators can provide, at no cost, to their subscribers.

Speaking at the 2018 Independent Show, Cheddar Founder and CEO, Jon Steinberg describes their news channels as a metaphorical movable feast of interviews, political coverage, e-sports, and the gadget videos.

A hidden value of these 16-hour per day channels is they are configured to allow the broadband provider to augment them with local news content. Steinberg believes this is of great value to the operator as the Cheddar programming serves as both a draw to help drive viewers to the local programming. Additionally, it reduces the amount of original content that the local operator must provide. He likens the mechanics of such a mix as to an extended local advertising block.

Steinberg also describes Cheddar’s approach to business, which encompasses the following guide rails, as Steinberg calls them,

Cheddar’s framework for making decisions be heartening for NCTC members as it embraces the idea of creating an innovative and ethical work environment through a relatively simple framework.

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