Yes, YouToo America #TIS18

The TV past met the present and the future at the 2018 Independent Show as the ViodiTV cameras caught up with the hosts of Macabre Theatre and Alive and Well, respectively, that are broadcast on Youtoo America.  Lisa Loring, who portrayed Wednesday Addams from the classic TV show of the 1960s, the Addams Family and who is now part of the Youtoo America family gave her thoughts on being part of #TIS18.

Youtoo America, with its 50 shows in categories that range from kids to lifestyle to movies to food to green and healthy living, is a bit reminiscent of well, TV. It has a modern Internet-delivery model, which allows it to offer and deliver its programming as both a direct-to-consumer, over-the-top network and as a “through the middle” offering, where it is provided through broadband affiliates, as a business-to-business offering; hence, their presence at #TIS18.

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