Leveling the Playing Field #WEC20

An uneven playing field is how Matt Polka describes the negotiations between ACA Connect’s smaller members and large broadcast groups for off-air programming. Polka points out that rules for retranmission consent were created in a different era when broadcasters were typically locally owned and not part of larger, nationwide, multi-station, media conglomerates (e.g. what Congress calls large station group).

In some sense, ACA members, which often serve populations in rural areas, are more akin to the broadcasters the rules were originally supposed to protect. Polka cites progress as Congress is recognizing the issue, such as new language (see HR 5035) allowing smaller operators to negotiate with large station groups using their own buying group (e.g. the NCTC).

Highlights of the above interview include:

00:28 – Retransmission renewal in 2020

01:24 – Television Protection Act language

02:55 – Uneven negotiation playing field

04:01 – Bipartisan agreements in Washington are possible

05:07 – Preview of some of the speakers at the upcoming ACA Summit from March 17th-March 19th.

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