Retransmission Consent 101

A government bailout for broadcasters is how retransmission consent was characterized by Matt Polka, president of the ACA, in the panel he moderated at the Independent Show.  This article he penned for CED echoes the comments he made during his panel. In this brief interview after the panel, Polka provides a brief overview of retransmission consent and how the market has changed since the rules were created almost two decades ago.

Some important points made by Polka and his panelists include:

  •  ACA members should keep lawmakers informed with regards to retransmission consent negotiations.
  • Reverse Retransmission Compensation – where networks receive money from its affiliates will be significant in this next cycle of retransmission consent negotiations.

There were some good tips that were given with regards to entering negotiations including:

  • Understand what you are up against
  • Know your system
  • Know the rules
  • Have a defined game plan (work on the game plan early & get top and bottom level support)
  • Gather information about the station. Keep the negotiation at the local level.
  • Understand the fine print