Our Time Is Now, #Summit21

“To come to Washington, to move the agenda forward and really try to achieve the reform we have been fighting for, for 21 years,” said Matt Polka, as he described the objective of this year’s ACA Summit. As Polka predicted at last year’s summit, there has been movement in the regulatory realm since last year’s event. He points to this week’s FCC’s order preventing top-4 broadcast stations from negotiating retransmission consent as a single entity in a so-called joint services agreement. He discusses this an other topics that will be top of mind in the next couple of days, including net neutrality, Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act and the Comcast acquisition of Time-Warner.

Stay tuned for coverage of this important event for independent operators.

2014 ACA Summit coverage brought to you by the ACA and ViodiTV.

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