Future-Proofing the Network to Remain Competitive #WEC20

“Our members are future-proofing their networks by either upgrading DOCSIS or fiber to the home (FTTH),” says NCTC CFO, Lisa Hood. Hood was reflecting on Frank Louthan’s recommendations that NCTC members continue their investments in their respective networks.

According to Louthan, Managing Director, Telecommunications Services at Raymond James at WEC2020, this continued investment will keep operators ahead of the competition. And, although 5G might present some level of competition, it also presents opportunities for those operators with rich fiber networks.

Hood briefly discusses the RDOF (Rural Digital Opportunity Fund) and the opportunities for NCTC members to use this funding as part of an edge-out strategy.¹ Hood knows a bit about edging out, as she brings years of experience in finance and operations for an operator that grew from 4,000 rural subscribers in Kansas to operations spread throughout the U.S. serving approximately 1.5M households. This knowledge is sure to prove valuable in her new role at NCTC.

¹ The associated auction is scheduled to begin on October 22nd.

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