A Cooperative Form of Crowd Sourcing

“It’s what a cooperative is about; sharing ideas and bringing a community together,” said Corey McCarthy, CFO and SVP of Business Development of the National Cable Television Cooperative. He was referring to the NCTC’s efforts to crowdsource ideas from its members, as well as bringing together members to devise technology solutions that would be impossible for an individual member to undertake.

The efforts of MCTV and their solution that helps fellow operators deploy multiscreen video services was cited as a success case for the type of cooperation NCTC is trying to foster. As another example of how there can be strength in members, McCarthy points to NCTC’s early work with TiVo to find ways to share system integration costs that, again, wouldn’t make financial sense for a single operator.

As McCarthy alludes to, this sort of cooperation among NCTC and its members will be critical in ensuring rural networks remain technologically competitive. The topic of sharing among members is sure to be a theme at The Independent Show this July in Boston.

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