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Lifting the Veil on FW and HFW with The Carmel Group’s Jimmy Schaeffler

Fixed wireless is clearly one way to provide broadband and it has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Quantifying its impact and understanding the role of fiber in helping to create ubiquitous and reliable broadband is what a new report from The Carmel Group (scroll down to download the report) does. In the […]

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New 20+ Hour Fire Power from a Hidden Dragon #CES2018

20 years ago, Qualcomm’s demonstration of Windows running on the Snapdragon process would have probably been the headline news of CES. Of course, 20 years ago, a lap-top computer with an always-on, wireless broadband connection and with battery life of more than 20 hours would have been unthinkable. The above video from CES2018 shows a […]

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More Efficient TV White Spaces #CES2016

Eight times higher transmit power is what the new IEEE 1900.7-2015 TV White Space standard promises. According to LETI, a French research organization and contributor to the standard, this translates into 75% longer distance for a given data rate. It achieves this performance gain without interfering with adjacent TV channels. The extended range afforded by this new modulation […]

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To License or Not to License – the $62 Billion Question

Unlicensed spectrum adds $62 Billion in annual Incremental Retail Sales Value to the U.S. economy according to a study led by CEA Sr. Director, Technology & Standards, Mike Bergman. In the above interview, filmed at the 2015 Wireless Symposium, Bergman discusses the resulting report and the one-and-a-half year study where CEA looked at 45 different categories of devices that use unlicensed […]

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White Space Broadband Where Broadcasting Began

Was it fate or just a coincidence that one of the first tests of white space broadband would also be at the location where regularly scheduled radio broadcasting began? That Charles D. Herrold opened the Herrold College of Wireless and Engineering and later began broadcasting at 50 West San Fernando in San José was a […]

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