New 20+ Hour Fire Power from a Hidden Dragon #CES2018

20 years ago, Qualcomm’s demonstration of Windows running on the Snapdragon process would have probably been the headline news of CES. Of course, 20 years ago, a lap-top computer with an always-on, wireless broadband connection and with battery life of more than 20 hours would have been unthinkable.

The above video from CES2018 shows a lap-top that had been streaming HD video for over 20 hours, using only battery-power. Qualcomm and OEM brands, which include Asus, HP and Lenovo, have developed a new category of device; a lap-top with extended battery life that continually receives wireless updates via the LTE network of a carrier partner, which include:

These lap-tops are general purpose and probably won’t be for the power-user (Peter Burns of Qualcomm indicated they hadn’t tried video editing applications, for instance). Having said that, they could be useful addition for entities wanting to give their mobile workforce an always-on, via a secure connection (LTE), lap-top computer with plenty of battery life.

Although it doesn’t have the features of a phone, it’s not difficult to imagine those same corporate customers adding a VoIP application and allowing communications via Bluetooth to a wireless headset. With this kind of power, it could not only chip away at Intel’s microprocessor dominance, but, perhaps, it could represent the start of a new opportunity for Microsoft to provide an alternative operating system for the mobile market.

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