The Self-Contained IoT Weather Station for Precision Agriculture #CES2018

Understanding and reacting to the weather can be the difference between a profit and loss for a farm or orchard. Arable displayed their solar-powered, self-contained weather station, the Arable Mark, at CES2018, which provides a farmer with an understanding of multiple parameters on their farm and not what is happening at someone else’s weather station. The parameters they measure include:

What separates it from a stand-alone weather station is the back-end that looks at external and historical weather data to create more accurate and granular forecasts than the status-quo. The connectivity from the Arable Mark is via the cellular network.

The Arable Mark also includes a mass spectrometry capability, which provides information about the plants and soil. In turn, the farmer can deliver the right nutrient or pesticide when needed, providing efficiency and reducing externalities. Their subscription service works with the growers for their particular crop, whether it is almonds, corn or oranges.

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