The Pocket Digestive Analyzer #CES2018

Understanding the impact of diet on health is challenging as it is difficult to easily and regularly quantify the interaction of foods within the digestive system. FoodMarble hopes to change that with its innovative device that detects and analyzes the composition of one’s breath to help individuals and their doctors understand and diagnose issues people have digesting food.

In the above video, Dr. James Brief, Chief Medical Officer of FoodMarble, explains how their simple technique of collecting data opens people’s eyes to the types of foods (e.g. apples) that might cause stomach pain. He says although the target market is the 1 billion people suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, the understanding of diet/digestive interactions could be beneficial to anyone.

In a pre-CES2019 press release, FoodMarble explains that they have begun shipping devices and have received positive feedback, such as from a customer who explains how she was able to identify a sugar that had been negatively affecting her digestion for years:

Quote from FoodMarble Customer

Their press release also indicates that they “have completed comprehensive internal validation against a gold-standard, clinical device.” As alluded to in the above interview, they are “working with leading hospitals to build on this research further and publish results.” It will be interesting to follow their progress, as the aggregate data they collect offers tremendous potential for improvements in gastronomical health.

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