The Eye as a Window Into Health and Well-Being #CES2018

Low-cost identification of health issues, whether concussions, developmental issues or debilitating diseases is a huge challenge, particularly in rural areas where specialists are often not available. Enter Righteye with its solution that includes eye-tracking technology powered by Tobii.

At CES2018, RightEye demonstrated their solution, which utilizes machine learning that studies their datasets to help identify a range of issues, from concussions to developmental issues to brain health. More than identifying issues, it can provide feedback to help improve certain situations, such as helping athletes train their eyes for a given sport.

With an approximate $5,000 upfront cost and an annual maintenance fee of half that, this seems like a useful tool to help non-clinicians gather data in locations that would otherwise be too remote to justify a more highly trained professional. As an aside, this author helped them add to their 30,000+ dataset by taking one of the eye tests.

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  1. […] a device that every pediatrician would have that could detect development issues in a 2-year-old. Or imagine a machine that trains a batter how to read the ball leaving a pitcher’s hand. […]

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