Beyond Secure Access – Safe Access #CES2018

One of the biggest challenges for security, whether in the physical or cyber world, is correctly identifying those who should have access to a given domain. Being able to verify multiple signatures of an individual is great, but it must be simple to use, while not causing significant delays.

At CES2018, Global Net Solutions demonstrated their solution that not only creates a secure access system, but adds safety and location features. According to Michael Elias, Director of Business Development for Global Net Solutions, they use four factors to authenticate a user:

It can be used for both building access, as well as access to computers.

Combined with existing access systems, it can be used to prevent things like “piggybacking”, where multiple people sneak in on one user’s access card. The integrated electronics includes sensors to detect that a finger is real and not just a facsimile.

Using combinations of technology, such as GPS, and the long-range, lower-power, unlicensed frequencies of the LoRa standards, they can do more than just access, as, when combined with their beacons, they can track staffers within the building. It also has a safety button that sounds an alarm, in the event of an emergency.

It is the back-end software, which, when combined with, say, surveillance cameras, multiplies the power of the data coming from these sensors. As Elias points out, by knowing the location of every employee, it becomes possible to start to identify patterns, as well as if someone has moved to an area outside their normal work area.

With security being a top priority for every business or institution, the applications for Global Net Solutions offering are endless. One of the more intriguing applications for this type of system will be on a personal level, as these devices offer the potential to offer an alternative way for citizens to securely access services, such as access to mobility and more.

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