Lifting the Veil on FW and HFW with The Carmel Group’s Jimmy Schaeffler

Fixed wireless is clearly one way to provide broadband and it has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Quantifying its impact and understanding the role of fiber in helping to create ubiquitous and reliable broadband is what a new report from The Carmel Group (scroll down to download the report) does. In the above interview, Jimmy Schaeffler, Chairman & Chief Service Officer (CSO) of the Carmel Group discusses his findings in his new report, Liftoff.

Liftoff is part of a continuing study by The Carmel Group that began with the launch of their 2017 report “Ready for Takeoff”. With support from the trade association WISPA, as well as vendors, such as Cambium Networks, Google and Microsoft, and wireless ISPs, such as Nextlink Internet, @Link Services, and Rise Broadband, Liftoff is the most comprehensive look at an industry that continues to double the number of subscribers approximately every five years.

Interview Highlights

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