More Efficient TV White Spaces #CES2016

Eight times higher transmit power is what the new IEEE 1900.7-2015 TV White Space standard promises. According to LETI, a French research organization and contributor to the standard, this translates into 75% longer distance for a given data rate. It achieves this performance gain without interfering with adjacent TV channels. The extended range afforded by this new modulation standard opens up a potentially wider market for the TV White Space approach, allowing, for instance, broadband and machine-to-machine wireless connections in rural, suburban and urban locales.

As LETI’s Head of Wireless Technology Department, Dominique Noguet (PhD), indicates, IEEE 1900.7-2015 changes the modulation from orthogonal frequency division multiplex (OFDM) to non-orthogonal, waveform filter bank multicarrier (FBMC). In the above video, filmed at CES 2016, Noguet demonstrates how the sharper roll-off characteristics of FBMC compared to OFDM allows higher transmit power, while not interfering with a simulated television channel. The channel size ranges from a minimum of 2 MHz to a maximum of 40 MHz. LETI states that FBMC is a candidate for future 5G technologies.


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