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Respecting & Protecting Copyright in the Wild Wild Web

In a world where zoom has a new meaning and everyone is a content producer, what are the rules for respecting and protecting copyright? Noted author, educator, and entertainment & IP attorney Thomas A. Crowell and Donald R. Simon, JD/MA, Director, Member & Staff Education at National Cable Television Cooperative, discusses this and other questions […]

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Crowd Source Announcing #CES2017

Producing high-quality video of high school sporting events has become easier and more widespread, thanks to the continued drop in prices for low-cost, high-quality camcorders. Generating “color” commentary is challenging because of the cost of audio mixing gear and finding talent. Debuting at CES2017, Spalk has a solution for anyone want to add commentary to […]

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Automated Live Video Production #CES 2016

Simplifying the video production of live events is Livestream’s objective with its with Movi, which it previewed at the Pepcom Digital Experience! event at CES. Phil Worthington, founder, SVP Research and Development of Livestream, describes this 4k, 30 frame/second, 150 degree field of view video capture device that records locally as well as streams via […]

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Local Content, OTT and a Top 10 User Experience

Given the old saying about the weather being a topic of conversation of interest to all people, it stands to reason that micro weather forecasts would be a popular program on a local content channel. In the above interview, Clint Carter, Director | Technology and New Service Introduction for North Central Telephone Cooperative, talks about how […]

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The Biggest Hurdle to Local Content

Local content is the killer application, but starting a local content channel is one of the most difficult tasks a communications service provider can undertake.  It is such a different business than providing telecom service, that, as much as they may want to, many service providers never launch a local channel.  At the 2011 Broadband […]

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The Local Content Roundtable at MTA

Date: October 26, 8:30 to 11:45 Location: Nisswa, MN (in conjunction with the MTA Video Peer Group Convention) Building upon Viodi’s Local Content Workshop series, the Local Content Roundtable will be a refresher of some of the latest ideas, tips and tools for producing low-cost, high-quality content. There will be plenty of ideas and examples […]

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Local Content Draws Local Audience

Howard Sherpe of Vernon Telephone Cooperative tells how local content on local TV is a great marketing tool. There is a social networking element to local content where people want to see and hear local people, to watch local events, and to get the local channel. It's the most popular channel out of over 100. […]

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Capturing Minds at WSTA PR/Mktg

An interview with Tony Rubleski of Mind Capture Group at the WSTA 2010 PR/Marketing seminar. I asked Tony to describe his 2 day workshop using items from his presentation (controversy and problem solving) and to highlight his message. This segment of ViodiTV is brought to you by HEM Productions. Produced by Roger Bindl.

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Local Content Workshop at BBProperties

Attend Viodi's Local Content Workshop at the Broadband Properties 2010 Summit, April 26, 2010. Watch this short video for a brief look at the experiences of Viodi in providing local content workshops… the topics, ideas, and examples of those that do. Roger and Ken, through ViodiTV, have been producing content for nearly 8 years and […]

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Local Content Tips from an Experienced Producer

[hidepost] Tim Mahoney of Mahoney Media gives some good tips for producing local content.  He makes the point that, no matter what the technology, the most important thing is to capture the moment and/or the story. [/hidepost]

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