Local Content, OTT and a Top 10 User Experience

Given the old saying about the weather being a topic of conversation of interest to all people, it stands to reason that micro weather forecasts would be a popular program on a local content channel. In the above interview, Clint Carter, Director | Technology and New Service Introduction for North Central Telephone Cooperative, talks about how they tap into the popularity of the weather through the creation of a customized weather channel that defaults to channel 1 of their customers’ set-tops.

The weather is just one part of a comprehensive program that includes providing two channels; one of which is reserved for local schools to help get out their messages to students and parents. NCTC tries to film all the kids’ sports and not just the popular ones.

Carter describes their evolution from ATM video to IPTV and how they have expanded from 4,000 to 6,500 subscribers with their latest platform, which is a combination of Minerva Networks and Entone set-top boxes.

People are watching their local channels, as it falls within the top-10 of their ratings. The local content could be a good differentiator for a “skinny” video solution that incorporates over-the-top and other video content.

He points out that over-the-top streaming consumes 40 to 50% of their network bandwidth. He indicates they don’t have bandwidth caps today, which serve as a differentiator, but is concerned that streaming demands could raise backbone bandwidth costs to the point where it wouldn’t be sustainable.

This video brought to you by Entone.

[Author’s Note: It was a pleasure producing the four videos featuring NCTC for Entone. Entone believed it was important to get the opinions of a thought-leader and sent me to spend the afternoon with Mr. Carter, where we had the free-ranging conversations documented on ViodiTV. Last week, it was announced that Amino has a definitive agreement to acquire Entone in Q3 2015. As this story continues to unfold, best wishes to the entire Entone team who have been supportive of Viodi through the years.]

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