Automated Live Video Production #CES 2016

Simplifying the video production of live events is Livestream’s objective with its with Movi, which it previewed at the Pepcom Digital Experience! event at CES. Phil Worthington, founder, SVP Research and Development of Livestream, describes this 4k, 30 frame/second, 150 degree field of view video capture device that records locally as well as streams via WiFi or Ethernet, allowing anyone to create a professional broadcast without spending lots of money on equipment or crew.

One of the things that sets this device apart is the accompanying app, which effectively allows one to create multi-camera switching with only one camera. As Worthington alludes to in the above interview, the app will increasingly become automated, automatically switching between different cuts, based on some sort of rhythm or external triggers (e.g. people detection, movement, audio) to improve content that otherwise might be talking heads only. Supplementing its built-in stereo microphones is the WiFi-direct capability that allows an iPhone to be used as a remote microphone.

Augmenting its one-hour battery life is the optional Movi Boost that provides 10 hours of record/stream time. More than providing 12,000 maH of extra storage, the Movi Boost provides Ethernet, USB (for external LTE modems) and a seal that provides rain protection for the Movi.

It’s not to difficult to imagine this device being used as a surveillance camera or meshed together in a multi-camera surveillance or broadcast system. That it is integrated with Apple HomeKit points to possible applications in the connected home.

Apparently the $399 pre-order price mentioned by Worthington proved popular, as, at the time of publication, the pre-order price is $549, a discount of $100 from its list price.

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