Voices Inside Our Head #CES2016

The premise of The Six Million Dollar Man was that scientists could make a broken astronaut “better, stronger and faster,” after his nearly fatal crash. Fast-forward 40+ years and the ReSound hearing aid is helping out with the better part by improving hearing through a nearly invisible device. The LiNX2 hearing aid provides invisible insight into the surrounding world, thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity with Siri.

Keith Lewis, VP of Business Development for ReSound, emphasizes how he wouldn’t have been able to conduct the above interview if not for ReSound’s LiNX2 hearing aid. As he explains, beyond amplification, the hearing aid, coupled with the associated application, optimizes its output to meet the needs of the individual user.

The app tracks ear performance over time, which is an invaluable aid to hearing care professionals. Being able to remotely access hearing data, such as what is produced by LiNX2,so that patients would not have to visit hearing care professionals, is one application that the Veterans Administration is investigating. With 60% of returning veterans reporting hearing loss, devices like the LiNX2, presents a huge opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of those of who bravely served their country.

It also points to a future of implantable technology that will allow anyone – not just the fictional Steve Austin – to have an electronic ESP that helps them navigate the challenges of everyday life.

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