Crowd Source Announcing #CES2017

Producing high-quality video of high school sporting events has become easier and more widespread, thanks to the continued drop in prices for low-cost, high-quality camcorders. Generating “color” commentary is challenging because of the cost of audio mixing gear and finding talent. Debuting at CES2017, Spalk has a solution for anyone want to add commentary to a live stream.

Integrated with services such as Brightcove, Livestream, YouTube, Vodafone and Maori Television, Spalk uses a cloud-based mixer to overlay commentary onto a video feed. Anyone can be an announcer and there can be multiple announcers at one time (with different languages). Michael Prendergast, CTO of Spalk, explains that they have mechanisms that help viewers rate the announcers.

Off camera, Prendergast credited broadband and the cloud for helping Spalk’s small, New Zealand-based team to launch a service worldwide in a relative short time. This led to a conversation about Northpower, Northpower’s Fiber to the Home network and how it allows him to stay in touch with his parents, who are customers of this North Island community-owned electric and fiber organization.

Thanks to Calix for the Northpower b-roll

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