Water Damage Prevention, Detection and More #CES2020

Millard Minton explains how his CES2020 award-winning invention prevents and mitigates water damage by turning off the supply to the house. Through a pressurization mechanism, the WaterSwitch turns on the supply when it senses demand.

This same system also allows them to detect and understand where there might be a leak. Additionally, this clever gizmo includes a water filtration system and the user can choose what level of filtering they want.

It has an associated app to notify the homeowner if a pipe burst or her water system springs a slow leak. Minton cites EPA data suggesting that the average household leaks the equivalent of 10,000 gallons or 270 loads of laundry a year.

It could be considered as insurance for the homeowner to protect against water damage. As such, Minton suggests they are talking to insurance companies about the role his device might have in reducing premiums. Minton is so sure of this device, he even provides a guarantee to pay the insurance deductible if there is water damage from an event that his device should have caught.

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