So Many Stories Yet to Be Told #CES2020

The decade that Gary Arlen has been talking about for at least a decade is finally here and ViodiTV caught up with him at the CES Unveiled exhibition on the eve of CES2020. This is a follow-up of sorts to our 2010 interview where Gary made predictions and talked about his button, “2020 I can’t wait.”

In this current interview, we talk about past interactive television efforts, as well as some of the automation, particularly around artificial intelligence, that is still in the early stages but may prove to be a huge disruption to creative talent in Hollywood and beyond.

Highlights include

01:02 – Security and privacy as a fundamental requirement for any new technology.

01:55 – A look at the pioneering QUBE TV and PlayCable; an early interactive television system.

04:25 Streaming services & wireless will continue to evolve, everything will become smart and “Any Reality” will become real.

05:20 Technology will allow creations not possible before, but it might change or even eliminate some demand for actors, scriptwriters, etc.

06:34 – Arlen refers to the Sony laboratory that is using technology to create music.

07:51 – But, can machines create the same emotional connection? It might as seen in the broll with this author and a robotic pet he found at CES2020.

09:06 – As Gary points out, there are still so many stories to be told, including the one where we head out to the Neon Museum to see the old Las Vegas, as well as Tim Burton’s view of Las Vegas.

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