Protect and Rescue, If Necessary #CES2020

A hardware device that will capture an image of your computer’s configuration, back-up all your files and provide virus and ransomware protection is what ResQ debuted at CES2020.

Lose your computer or held up by a cyber bandit? No worries. Simply plug the ResQ Protect into your computer’s USB port and it will be restored to an earlier version. If your computer is lost or stolen, you can pick up where you left off by simply plugging this into a different PC.

ResQ4Mac is launching today, 10/15/20. The ResQ1 provides one-terabyte of back-up storage, virus protection and is available for $349. The Premium version, the ResQ1P, offers 2x the operational speed and lists for $449.

In an email exchange, ResQ’s Alex Grossman indicated that the lockdowns and component shortages this past year slowed the introduction of ResQ’s product compared to what he was predicting at CES2020. As such, the PC version of their product, ResQ4PC, is anticipated for late Q1 2021.

In the meantime, ResQ4Mac seems like the perfect gift for National Cybersecurity Month.

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