Tele-Physical Therapist #CES2020

Consistent rehabilitation after a stroke or surgery is critical to a patient’s recovery. This isn’t so easy if a physical therapist isn’t nearby, such as often the case in a rural setting.

H-Robotics hopes to change that with a robotic attachment, rebless, that exercises arms, ankles, and legs, allowing the patient to receive therapy at home. An associated app remotely connects the patient to a physical therapist. The app tracks patient progress and provides incentives to continue therapy.

It will cost approximately $4,000 [updated 6/9] and should be available towards the end of 2020. Christine Ahn, H-Robotics’ Business Development Manager, reports that they have upgraded the device since CES2020. She suggests that insurance will provide help with the cost through reimbursements.

H-Robotics got a recent boost with its recent selection as a qualified partner in the Microsoft for Startups Program and will collaborate with Microsoft for the next 9 months.

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