The 500k Combination of Consumers, Channels and Choice

With a myriad of new alternative cable solutions from established entities (e.g. Hulu, AT&T, Sony, etc.) how will traditional video service providers stand out from this onslaught of competition? This is a question that Jonathan Hurd and his team at Altman and Vilandrie sought to answer late last year and in doing so, looked at things such as consumers’ price sensitivity to specific channels and different packages of channels.

They sorted through the resulting 1/2 million combinations to garner insight and to understand how counter-strategies, such as skinny bundles, might be used to reduce churn and drive market penetration. One of the study’s findings suggests that things such as of differences between people within a given household, providers will find it difficult to create thin packages that have more than a niche appeal. Hurd will be providing more detail of his study at NCTC’s 2017 Winter Education Conference in New Orleans, February 20th-21st.

Filming credit: Charlie Pyle

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