The Skinny on a Skinny Bundle #Summit23

Giving consumers greater choice in selecting the content they want, when they want, at prices that are more affordable than traditional packages is what Cincinnati Bell is hoping to achieve with its just introduced MyTV offering. Starting at less than $20/month, MyTV, consists of a “Starter Pack” and multiple “MyTV Genre Packs” that allow consumers to essentially build their own programming line-up.

In the above interview, Michael Morrison, Director of Fioptics Services for Cincinnati Bell, points out the offering isn’t ala carte, such as what the CRTC mandated and has just launched last week in Canada. The MyTV Genre Packs are groups of channels.

One of the key features, referenced on the MyTV website, is the ability by the consumer to add or subtract MyTV Genre Packs as they want, when they want:

“Only need Fox Sports Ohio when the Reds are in season? No problem! Add and remove genre packs as you need them – whenever you want”

Implicit in this statement is that customers can make the changes themselves, which would be consistent with Cincinnati Bell’s earlier announcement regarding automated provisioning and how that extended to both OTT and pre-paid options.

Morrison explains that MyTV is inherently multi-screen.  He also indicates that it was a “jigsaw puzzle” to create this new offering, while adhering to existing programming agreements. Morrison reinforces that their traditional cable packages will remain as options. The MyTV approach is one that operators of all sizes will have to monitor closely, as it could represent a better way to give consumers more choice.

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