When the Skinny Bundle Goes Off a Diet

ACA’s Ross Lieberman points out that at this morning’s FCC Open Commission meeting, FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn referenced INSP in the discussion of independent video programming and ensuring viewers have choice. At TIS16, we caught up with INSP’s Sr. Vice President of Worldwide Distribution, Mark Kang, where he spoke to the new world of content that is looking much more like the ala-carte model that has been discussed for the last couple of decades.

Kang, who was also a panelist at TIS16, discusses his lighthearted, yet insightful, comment that skinny bundle starts off skinny, but then goes off its diet and becomes much larger.  He suggests providers have a difficult time creating the right skinny bundle, as it is difficult to know what consumers want (even consumers don’t know what they necessarily want until they see it). Kang suggests it is ultimately about choices and options.

He is bullish on cable operators’ ability to ability to figure out the right mix and that, over time, consumers will come back to larger bundles. He lauds the ACA as they keep issues like program bundling and retransmission consent in front of the FCC. He calls for even more of a collaborative effort between independent operators and independent programmers. As evidenced by today’s meeting, it is clear that Kang and company are leading by example.

TIS16 coverage brought to you by the The Independent Show and ViodiTV.

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