An Experimental App & More from an Innovative Provider – #WEC2019

“We needed to provide a platform that could rate-shift down, could go up in quality, could go down in quality, to fit what the customer had,” said Matt Weller, president of All West Communications. Weller is speaking of the challenges of delivering video over multiple access technologies and All West Communications has virtually all of them, including xDSL, hybrid fiber-coax, and fiber to the home. Weller explains how they had an app developed to offer up a low-cost, skinny line-up of video channels that would work across these various copper and fiber access networks.

He indicates that their long-term goal is to provide a common experience whether it is in the user interface or the customer service portal, regardless of how the customer accesses their service. He stresses that using analytics has been helpful in determining what is important and needed in an offering.

He also talks about the importance of managed WiFi for both offering a better video experience, as well as providing additional analytics that helps them help the customer, as well as provide better data to run their business.

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