Passing the Baton – From Rob to John #WEC20

This video will have to take the place of the passing of the figurative baton from Rob Shema to John Higginbotham that was to occur this week at the ACA Connects Summit. Shema has been a pillar at ACA Connects for more than a decade. Rob’s new challenge is as CEO of Com Net, Inc., a regional, Ohio-based fiber network and master headend, owned by and serving independent operators in the Buckeye State.

And there is no one better to take Rob’s place on the metaphorical track than John Higginbotham. John was successful at shepherding Frankfort Utility Board through multiple upgrades and expansions before retiring a few years back. He comes at his new challenge with fresh legs and will enthusiastically use his experience to help ACA Connects members navigate their way through Washington D.C.

Here is an earlier interview with John

Somewhere deep in the ViodiTV archives, Rob talks a bit about local content, the importance of it and his experience working at Comcast.

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