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Rising Above Political Divisions – TIS20 Wrap-up with Matt Polka

“Hopefully, we can rise above political divisions and focus on better mapping, better identification of who needs broadband, and how we can work together to make sure they get it,” states Matt Polka. Polka, president and CEO of ACA Connects, is referring to a comment made at last week’s 2020 Independent Show (TIS20) by political […]

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Future-Proofing the Network to Remain Competitive #WEC20

“Our members are future-proofing their networks by either upgrading DOCSIS or fiber to the home (FTTH),” says NCTC CFO, Lisa Hood. Hood was reflecting on Frank Louthan’s recommendations that NCTC members continue their investments in their respective networks. According to Louthan, Managing Director, Telecommunications Services at Raymond James at WEC2020, this continued investment will keep […]

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Lumpy or Squishy Gets a Response – #TIS19

A 6% return on a direct mailer is an example of an outstanding result that Suzanne St. Pierre, Marketing & PR Specialist for All West Communications, describes in the above interview. St. Pierre explains that direct mail is a way for a company’s message to rise above the digital media chatter. Her recommendation is to […]

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Social Customer Support #TIS19

Moving from customer service to customer experience is the change in approach that Misty Tuttle, Sales and Marketing Manager for Horizon, describes in the above interview. She speaks about the importance of meeting the customer where they are and providing support when needed. She is skeptical of the ability of automated bots as replacement of […]

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Respecting & Protecting Copyright in the Wild Wild Web

In a world where zoom has a new meaning and everyone is a content producer, what are the rules for respecting and protecting copyright? Noted author, educator, and entertainment & IP attorney Thomas A. Crowell and Donald R. Simon, JD/MA, Director, Member & Staff Education at National Cable Television Cooperative, discusses this and other questions […]

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Behind the Scenes – NCTC Update & Bordering Hope

One of the rewarding things about working with NCTC and its members is learning the backstories of the folks who comprise these organizations. In this week’s ViodiTV Real-Time Conversation, Brian Dowell provides an update on NCTC and we find out that they are busier than ever, helping their members get the products they need to […]

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Webinars, Whitepapers & Meet-Ups – #WEC2020

Member education will be an increasingly important service for NCTC and leading that effort is Don Simon. WEC2020 was Don’s debut at an NCTC event and, in this brief overview, he outlines some of the approaches NCTC will be taking to educate members about new products and services. With his diverse and complementary background that […]

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Passing the Baton – From Rob to John #WEC20

This video will have to take the place of the passing of the figurative baton from Rob Shema to John Higginbotham that was to occur this week at the ACA Connects Summit. Shema has been a pillar at ACA Connects for more than a decade. Rob’s new challenge is as CEO of Com Net, Inc., […]

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Persevere with the Grit of Yesterday’s Leaders #WEC20

“Every phase of new technology goes through a curve full of excitement upfront, initial success and, as it grows, it hits speed bumps and don’t let that discourage you,” said Rich Fickle, CEO & President of NCTC. In the above video, Fickle reflects on the grit of the pioneers who built the cable television industry […]

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Collecting More Than Data

“There is a lot of value of the data that exists in the network,” stated Open Vault CEO and Founder, Mark Trudeau at NCTC’s WEC2019. Trudeau was speaking about the idea of using data to understand where to invest to create the biggest impact for both an operator’s customers and to maximize return. He explained […]

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