A Cyber Security Resource from Uncle Sam – #TIS22

ISPs could use all the help they can muster in the war against cyber criminals, cyber terrorists, and other bad actors. Brian Kettman faces this problem every day. As CTO of digiMAX Fiber, Kettman has found a no-cost scanning resource from the federal government that helps him understand potential vulnerabilities in his network.

In the above interview, Kettman elaborates on the comments he made at one of the Member breakfasts about how they are using the following tools from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA):

In a follow-up email, Kettman explained that “Getting started is as easy as sending an email and a rep will reply in a week or two with required forms to fill out.”

He indicates that their network was secure, but they did find a vulnerability from a component installed by a third party. He says they worked with that party to secure their equipment.

Kettman emphasizes that these are just a couple of tools they use, and that cybersecurity is a whole company effort. For example, he cites the example of their use of KnowBe4 as part of a proactive effort to defeat phishing attacks.


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