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An Untold Story of Connecting Communities

“It’s really been a success story, actually, an untold story of the pandemic about what our members have been able to do and accomplish to keep their customers and communities connected in one of our nation’s worst times,” says ACA Connects president and CEO, Matt Polka. Speaking at Fiber Connect 2021, Polka argues that lighter-touch […]

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Rising Above Political Divisions – TIS20 Wrap-up with Matt Polka

“Hopefully, we can rise above political divisions and focus on better mapping, better identification of who needs broadband, and how we can work together to make sure they get it,” states Matt Polka. Polka, president and CEO of ACA Connects, is referring to a comment made at last week’s 2020 Independent Show (TIS20) by political […]

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Advanced Air Mobility in Rural Areas & Beyond – A ViodiTV Real-Time Conversation

Electric, automated aviation has the potential to transform the world with new forms of low-cost, environmentally-friendlier, and more efficient transportation both for people and goods. In many ways, it is like the dawning of broadband, some 20 plus years ago, when there were hundreds of start-ups inventing technologies and creating ecosystems to usher in a […]

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COVID-19 Resources from IEEE-USA, ACA Connects & More – A ViodiTV Real-Time Conversation

“We are going to prevail,” exclaimed Patty Boyers, president of Boycom in the above ViodiTV Real-Time Conversation. Boyers was speaking about the efforts to connect the community while protecting employees and customers from the risk of COVID-19. And the demand for Boycom’s network has increased by 70% since the start of the pandemic. This has […]

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Leveling the Playing Field #WEC20

An uneven playing field is how Matt Polka describes the negotiations between ACA Connect’s smaller members and large broadcast groups for off-air programming. Polka points out that rules for retranmission consent were created in a different era when broadcasters were typically locally owned and not part of larger, nationwide, multi-station, media conglomerates (e.g. what Congress […]

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Connecting and Moving Forward

Matt Polka, President & CEO of ACA Connects, provides highlights of some of the issues discussed on a panel he moderated at Calix’s 2019 ConneXions. Featuring ACA’s legal counsel, Tom Cohen, and NTCA’s VP of Industry Affairs and Business Development, this panel looked at the issues broadband operators face in Washington D.C. Polka focuses on […]

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A Great Message for All of Us – #TIS19

“It was a great message for all of us,” said Matt Polka, president, and CEO of ACA Connects. Polka was referring to the presentation by Jeff Corwin, biologist, wildlife conservationist and CuriosityStream TV host, where he emphasized the importance of protecting the natural environment. In the above interview, Polka discusses some of the highlights of […]

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Bringing People Together to Build Relationships – #TIS Highlights – Part 2

The Independent Show is about bringing people together to build relationships, according to American Cable Association President and CEO, Matt Polka, filmed at last week’s TIS18 in Anaheim. Polka stresses that the family aspects of the conference make it unique and provides a foundation for business relationships that extend beyond the length of the 4-day […]

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50 Capitals for 25 Years

The C-SPAN Bus made news for its appearance in Juneau, as part of C-SPAN’s ongoing celebration of a quarter century of supporting its affiliates and their customers with educational tours via its familar bus. In the above interview, C-SPAN VP of Affiliate Relations, Peter Kiley, discusses the 2018 tour, which is making stops in all […]

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American Cable – 25 Years of Bridging Red and Blue #Summit25

“This is really a celebration of our members,” exclaims Matt Polka, as he summarizes the 2018 American Cable Association’s Summit 25 in the above video. Brought together from the fallout of the 1992 Cable Act, the founding ACA members managed to unite an industry around the idea of telling their respective stories of serving communities […]

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