Advanced Air Mobility in Rural Areas & Beyond – A ViodiTV Real-Time Conversation

Electric, automated aviation has the potential to transform the world with new forms of low-cost, environmentally-friendlier, and more efficient transportation both for people and goods. In many ways, it is like the dawning of broadband, some 20 plus years ago, when there were hundreds of start-ups inventing technologies and creating ecosystems to usher in a new era.

Just like then the technical challenges are large, but the bigger, longer-term challenges may lie in public perception of the benefits of a new way of travel. It will require working with the public and policymakers to understand their concerns and to address them by complementing and enhancing existing infrastructure so that there is a net benefit to the community.

In the above ViodiTV Real-Time Conversation, Anna Dietrich, Co-Executive Director of CAMI and Darrell Swanson of Swanson Aviation Consultancy, Ltd., leaders in this nascent industry, explain how they are working with communities, planners, and the aviation industry to understand what will be needed to make air travel part of the everyday experience for everyday people.

Rounding out this conversation is self-proclaimed #aviationgeek, Matt Polka, president, and CEO of ACA Connects,. ACA is an association of 800+ broadband ISPs that serve mostly rural America. Polka is someone who is well acquainted with rural America and the potential opportunities that new low-cost and clean air travel could provide to his members and their customers.

Highlights of the conversation:

Finally, thank you for those on the YouTube Livechat, particularly the for helping to answer questions. And thank you Pascal+Watson for the use of your image in this week’s promotional thumbnail.

[Note: Ken Pyle represents San Jose’s District 1 as a commissioner for the Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport. Opinions expressed are his and do not reflect any part of his role as commissioner.]

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