From Broadband to Economic Development to Philanthropy & Beekeeping

What a pleasant surprise to see retired ACA Connects Chairman, Bob Gessner at the 2022 Independent Show. It was Matt Polka’s retirement that spurred Gessner to make the trip to Orlando. At TIS22 and in the above interview Gessner had some moving words about Matt and his 25 years as ACA Connects’ leader.

Gessner has a few years of retirement experience on Polka, having passed the torch to his Katherine Gessner in 2019 as seen in this Viodi interview. The above comments complements a recent interview he gave to the

As would be expected with Gessner, he has brought his energy, drive, and practical thinking to three areas in his retirement.

It is clear from the above conversation that retirement has not changed Gessner. Just like when he was president and CEO of MCTV, he is as busy as ever helping people, his community, and the world at large.

¹ Gessner’s exploration of the bee world is reminiscent of another cable luminary, Leslie Ellis, and her work as the Bee Angel.

² In a follow-up email, Gessner recommends newbies start by getting involved with a local beekeepers’ association.  He also points out that mason bees offer a lower-cost, less labor-intensive way to get into the bee game.

ViodiTV coverage of TIS22 is courtesy of TIS22.

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