Purple Ties that Bind #Summit26

Bob Gessner Speaking at ACA Connects Summit 26

“We are a collaborative, cooperative organization and our goal is to find the right policy and not the right politics,” says America’s Communications Association Chairman Bob Gessner in the above interview filmed at the ACA Connects Summit. He explains that the choice of purple accouterments was intentional and symbolizes the idea that broadband deployment should be non-partisan.

His experience working with other community leaders at the local level reinforces the idea that broadband deployment can and should rise above politics. He sees broadband, and the deployment of fiber, as a fundamental infrastructure necessary for economic development.

His statement, “I can’t move to North Carolina,” indicates the difference between local broadband operators and many other businesses. Without his community, his business, MCTV, has no value as the fiber and cables literally connect the homes and businesses. This local connection, that is common among ACA members, provides a huge incentive to assist in economic development efforts for their service areas.

And, despite announcing his retirement and passing along the reins of the company to the third-generation, Gessner promises he will still be actively involved in the community. Bob can move into a new phase of life of travel and playing with grandkids with full confidence that Katherine Gessner will take the MCTV to the next level. Katherine has already established herself in the industry and community with multiple accolades (e.g. Multichannel New 40 under 40 in 2015) and multiple local board appointments (Massillon Public Library, Massillon WestStark Chamber of Commerce, Stark State College Foundation and Stark County Hunger Task Force).

Congratulations Bob and Katherine!

ACA Connects Summit coverage brought to you by the ACA Connects and ViodiTV.

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